A wedding, a sewing machine, and a bathroom…

Hi! It’s been so long since my last post… 3 months or so I think? So much for promising to improve my blogging frequency… In my defense, it was a crazy 3 months! The last time I left you I was trying to finish up my guest bedroom from the One Room Challenge– still no end to that, but we did get a chandelier hung! Small victories here.

Then, golf season halted all home renovation progress. Ugh… I became a golf widow before I was even officially married… Which leads me to my next topic of discussion…

We got married at the beginning of August! It was a hell of a year planning it, and I pretty much vomited the entire 96 hours before… From nerves, not morning sickness (I’ll nip that right in the bud for you, you’re welcome)… But it was a fabulous day and we couldn’t be happier! But, this is girl with a drill, not girl with a veil, so shall we move on?


Ok… NOW we can move on ūüôā

After coming back from a 12 day honeymoon in South Carolina, where I refused to drink anything but ros√© for the entirety of the trip (even when the only kind available was $20 a glass and when the check arrived my new huz very seriously asked where the rest of the bottle was, but begrudgingly paid anyway because happy wife, happy life), we decided to replace all of the trim in the house and finish the main floor powder room we had gutted months ago. It’s funny because we gutted our master bath over a year ago and it hasn’t been touched since…but we also aren’t currently sleeping in our master bedroom because we are waiting on our new bedroom set and mattress—which I plan to elaborate on soon ūüôā

Also, if you ever want to test your relationship just for fun, try living with only one ungutted bathroom and a man who takes longer than Beyonc√© to get ready. I promise you, it’s so much fun.

We decided to make our own trim in the craftsman style– which basically meant just buying plain ol’ wood and me spending hours in the dungeoness basement with my mason jar spray painter, a 5 gallon bucket of trim paint, and a bottle of ros√©– all essential elements for this task…because if I’m going to be in a scary pit of paint fumes and spider webs, I might as well try and be fabulous.

And boy, what a difference this new trim makes. Because it’s thicker, it makes our doorways appear significantly higher, which makes the ceilings seem higher– SO awesome. 3 doors down (not the band) and only 21 left to go! Good thing golf season is winding down… here’s lookin’ at you, Tiger.


Old trim on the left… new trim on the right

Moving onto the powder room… ¬†the huz is obsessed with all palette everything since making the palette wall in our dining room. He was adamant about paletting the bottom half of the powder room, and quite frankly, I didn’t feel like arguing. Sometimes ya just gotta let a man go….and other times you need to go Rhonda Rousey on him…. But not over a powder room that you’ve been nagging lovingly reminding him to finish for the last 5 months.


The palette wall in our dining room… before our dining room was finished

When we took the new vanity we had ordered months ago out of the box, the glass insert was shattered, and the vanity is¬†now on back order. I literally whined because man with a drill wanted to make his own vanity and I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t have the modern vanity I ordered months ago. I got hangry for a minute and almost went the Rhonda Rousey route, but I ate a Snickers and decided to let him run with it.


A similar version of what the sewing machine looked like before

Now, I may have mentioned my affinity for thrifty finds at the flea market and being able to repurpose old items. Well, we had gotten an 1890s White sewing machine for $25 at a flea market last year that’s been sitting in our garage with nothing on its horizon, mostly because it was in questionable shape and needed cleaned. See where I’m going with this?
We took the top wooden part of the sewing machine off and used the cast iron base and pedal as the base of the vanity. ¬†The marble top from the vanity we were supposed to have (I’m not bitter) ended up aligning on the sewing machine base PERFECTLY… And I’ve got to admit, it’s going to be a pretty sick vanity. I think I’m going to put a shelf above the toilet to put the sewing machine on… It just feels right… because who doesn’t like a nice little cross-stitch¬†while doing their business? ¬†



The “before” of our powder room vanity…



Our sewing machine vanity

This powder room is not done and we plan on adding a sliding “barn” door as well as some other decor pieces, but I couldn’t help but want to give an update… And unlike my one room challenge… This room will in fact be completed this weekend…unless Tiger Woods decides golf is more important… in which case I say hold the Snickers and pass me another $20 glass of ros√© . Better make it two.

I will reveal the whole finished masterpiece next week. Until then…

Happy Renovating!



ORC Week 6: Crawling Across the Finish Line


Well friends, we are at the end of the six week One Room Challenge from Linda over at Calling it Home . If you have no clue what I’m talking about, it’s a six week challenge where you have to redo one room in your house.  There are 20 official participants and then there are linking participants.. like me… who do it just to put a countdown on getting a room done and to garner support from others who are doing the same–and you should go check them out because they’ve done amazing work! This is my first one and it’s been really fun! And really stressful….. but mostly really fun! The next one will be starting October 8th if you want to get in on the action..

Now, onto the good stuff…

So I won’t be doing a total reveal/transformation because to be honest, this room is not done.  It was a Murphy’s Law kind of week…so I will do a follow-up reveal within the next few days.. but I’m so excited about what I DID get done. Procrastination at its finest. So back on week 1 of this thing, I mentioned I’d be redoing some furniture pieces for this spare bedroom that had been regurgitated from the belly of the 1970s, and making it a guest room as well as a space for getting ready. (Flashback to 6 weeks ago… vomit inducing, I know.)



I originally had a desk I was going to convert into a vanity, but I also had this actual vanity that matched the desk… I thought I was going to use it for something else, but in the end I decided to use it for this spare bedroom. I took off the hardware, used my awesome little Critter Spray Painter to prime it, and then painted it Sherwin Williams Sedate Gray in semi-gloss pro-classic. I primed and then sprayed the hardware with Krylon metallic gold (WAY better than the Valspar brilliant gold I used on the mirror… FYI). I reupholstered the vanity chair, and also primed and painted it Sedate Gray.    Moving on…

So this bed. I cried myself to sleep so many nights over this bed… just kidding… maybe only one night.  I was really excited about this FULL size headboard I found at a consignment store. I repainted it, and bought the bed frame/mattress/boxspring. Made the man assemble one night while I was at dance class… turns out, the headboard is NOT a full. It’s a queen. Literally slapping myself in the forehead. This was two days ago. I scoured Craigslist and local consignment stores for a full size headboard but NOTHING.  Remember last week how I told you that if you want to find something on Craigslist you can’t wait until you need it because you will not find it? Yeah… so I found a million queen headboards, but no full. So, I’m currently just resting the headboard against the wall until I have time to find a more permanent solution..

I did, however, find this awesome storage bench for a steal… it’s new, and from Kohl’s… and the comforter was also a steal of a deal from Kohl’s.  The tray was an estate sale find for $4… it’s the cutest tray ever. The items on the tray are Marshall’s finds for about $3 each… flowers are courtesy of the tree in my backyard… and for the curtains… I found these white and silver Chevron print panels at HomeGoods.  More on those and the curtain rods I redid in my follow up reveal post coming soon… Moving onto the nightstand and it’s posse…

I also showed you a picture of this ol’ night stand back during week 1. I redid it the same as the vanity… Sedate Gray and I did the hardware in the same Krylon metallic gold spray paint.   The mercury glass lamp was a Marshall’s find… and the picture frames… ignore the fact that there are no pictures in there… yet. The candle holders were on clearance at Marshall’s for like $3 for the whole set… and the gold leaf tray they are on was a thrift store find I refinished during week 3.        Other than that… the baseboard is up after I went to town using my spray gun and trim paint. The closet doors are painted white, the curtains are up… I’m just waiting on my light… we finally picked one out and we have it, just have to install it and replace some of the electrical outlet covers. I also have to get the vanity finished with the mirror on top– I’m thinking I need to put a coat of polycrylic on the top surface of both the nightstand and vanity so that all the wear and tear doesn’t ruin the paint.

As with anything, this room will probably always be a work in progress. But check back soon for the rest of my final reveal. And thanks for following along these last 6 weeks… I can always use all the feedback and motivation I can get when it comes to improving my blogging frequency or getting a room done. I’ve got many more rooms to go and can’t wait to share ALL of those transformations with you!

Until next time…

Happy Renovating!

ORC Week 5: SOS


I really have no clue where the time goes. How is it already week 5 of this challenge? ¬†I was a little hesitant (I had to twist my own arm) to make this post today, for two reasons. The first reason being that nothing major was accomplished over the last week. ¬†And secondly, next week I’m going to be posting the entirety of the [hopefully] finished room¬†and I don’t want to spoil it! But, in the spirit of improving my blogging frequency, here we are.

I’m sort of in the middle of a minor meltdown.

The light I had mentioned in last week’s post that I picked out for this room is on major back order… as is every other light I tried to choose. What the heck. The ORC gods clearly were not on my side this week (that’s okay though, because those rad dudes totally had my back during my thrifting/consignment and Craigslist browsing the last couple of weeks.)

I still haven’t picked out curtains… I really liked the ones I showed you last week, but I’m having a little trouble swallowing their cost. Also, still haven’t picked out bedding either. Having trouble shoving that cost down my throat as well– why is everything so damn expensive?! I just can’t find the right one. I lean towards going all white, then I change my mind and want some bold patterned quilt, but none of the ones I’ve seen are speaking to my vision. This is like, the equivalent of writer’s block. Oy vey. Maybe all I need is a little pep-talk– “get it together, girl!” That and an emergency trip to HomeGoods and HobbyLobby.

I also still need to figure out a mattress/box spring solution for my bed frame. I did, however, get the headboard I found last week painted! I ended up doing it high gloss white– I figured you can’t go wrong with white–especially against dark blue. You will see it next week ūüôā

I obviously wish I could just find everything I need via Craigslist, or thrift/consignment store or estate sale, but, here’s the thing about that… you can NEVER wait until you need something to go looking for it by any of those aforementioned means. It just won’t happen, and if it does, it’s such a rarity.

I also really enjoy turning old things into new… almost as much as I enjoy saving money (but let’s be real, I enjoy spending money even more – just ask the man of the house.) I also like how old items have history to them… I think it’s so cool to get pieces that are 40..50..60.. or 100 years old and wonder where they’ve been… if only they could talk! ¬†But most importantly, they just don’t make things like they used to… everything used to be made out of solid, sturdy materials, and by hand. ¬†It’s amazing the time and effort people used to put into items¬†made¬†by hand… it’s a skill that has definitely almost vanished.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.¬†Check out everyone else’s progress over at Calling it Home for week 5… hopefully they all got further than I did…

This is going to be me¬†the whole next week trying to get this room done…

Send help, prayers, thoughts, chocolate, or WINE… because I will need it!

Until next time…

Happy Renovating!

ORC Week 4: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…


Sorry for that Snow White flashback, I just can’t help myself when it comes to squeezing in a Disney reference.

Anyway, it’s been a busy little week trying to get things done since the ORC is going to be over in just two more short weeks. Eeeeeek! But, I’ve always been a procrastinator and do my best work under pressure (well, my only work under pressure since I ALWAYS wait until the last minute.)

I started priming the furniture for this guest bedroom… if you recall from my ORC Week 1 post, that includes an old vanity and night stand. As you may also recall from this post, I had a really cool antique mirror that was a Craigslist find that I wanted to redo to use as my vanity mirror. ¬†So THAT was accomplished over the past week– woohoo! I couldn’t decide what color to paint it– I kept going back and forth between gold and silver… BUT…


Gold won! I was going to do a combo of a layer of gold, then a layer of silver, but after I put on the first coat of gold, I was really digging it! (See what I did there?  Like a gold digger? Bahahaha, sorry, I will try and keep my cheesy jokes to a minimum.)

So the process for painting this mirror was rather simple. ¬†I tend to be a messy and impatient worker, so making sure the actual mirror part was taped off sufficiently and covered was a very crucial step. ¬†I definitely could have scraped off any paint that got on it with a razor blade… but that is such a tedious task, I like to try and avoid those kinds of things at all costs..in every aspect of life, really.


After using painter’s tape around all the edges, I then taped old rags on top to cover the whole mirror. You could use newspapers, plastic bags, etc, but we have an abundance of rags. I then sprayed on a coat of primer (this step is important, because it makes sure the paint will adhere to the surface–otherwise you can expect many chips/scratches.) Then it took a couple of coats of brilliant gold spray paint to cover all the little nooks and crannies of this pretty gal. It was an easy process and I think it’s going to look bomb with the vanity. (Do you see those awesome dining chairs checking out their reflections in this mirror? Those were a Craigslist find I redid a couple months ago, and will do a catch-up post on after the ORC!)


Also from my ORC Week 1 post I mentioned I was going to buy a new bed for this space¬†because I’m a baller on a budget. ¬†Well, I was consigment browsing over the weekend and found this old wrought iron headboard for a full size bed, which is the size¬†I had planned on buying. $38 later and that sucker was all mine. ¬†It makes me weep tears of joy thinking how much money I saved since buying a new headboard that isn’t a piece of junk can cost you around $200+. However, it is one more piece I’m going to have to refinish– I just can’t decide if I should paint it silver, high-gloss white, or gold. I’m thinking gold might be too much since the gold mirror is going to be in close proximity– I’m leaning towards silver, but I’m accepting input on this. ¬†I bought a standard metal bed frame for $50, and I still need to get a box spring and mattress, as well as bedding.


I also picked out a light! Chugging right along on the progress train here…


Fingers crossed it comes in before the reveal in two weeks! I chose this light from Hite Lighting.

So, what is left…

I need to choose curtains… though I’m leaning towards these sassy sisters…


They pretty much go perfectly with my vision for this room and they match quite nicely.

We (and by we, I mean the man of the house) need to get the baseboard up and I need to get the closet doors painted white. Also, with the change in plans with the bed, since I don’t have a footboard, I kind of want to try and find a bench to put at the end of the bed. Preferably one from a thrift store that I can refinish/reupholster, but with only two weeks left we shall see…

Be sure to check out everyone else’s week 4 progress over at Calling It Home!

Until next time… Happy Renovating!

ORC Week 3: An Affinity for Metallic Spray Paint


So, I was hoping to have made stellar progress on the guest bedroom over the last week like a lot of the other Calling It Home’s¬†ORC participants. ¬†However, an amalgamation of factors [nerd alert] prevented me from getting too far in the room of blue. But, in the spirit of glass half-full, I’m going to focus on what I DID accomplish.

If you remember from last week’s ORC update, I had made a lot of great thrift/antique finds to use as decor for this room. ¬†So, I whipped out my trusty cans of metallic spray paint and transformed those bad boys.

A good coat of universal bonding spray primer, and then a couple coats of Valspar brilliant silver or brilliant gold metallic spray paint with just 20-30 minutes in between coats did the trick.

Remember the golf ball bowl? It looks like a million bucks now! I’m so so excited about how well it turned out in the brilliant silver. ¬†I’m thinking a white orchid would look great planted in this…. the only reason I’m even considering rearing an orchid is because I’ve started a vegetable garden and I’ve successfully managed to not kill any of my little seedlings in the 3 weeks since I planted them inside for germination! I suppose a tomato plant probably wouldn’t grow too well in this little bowl though, so orchid it is.


I’m also happy with the vases… I did one coat of brilliant gold and then 10 minutes later a coat of the brilliant silver. ¬†So crazy how a $5 can or two of spray paint can make such a huge difference. ¬†One man’s trash…

The trays turned out great, too. ¬†They weren’t too bad to begin with, just covered in lots of surface scratches and a little too mirror-like for the look I’m going for. But they turned out nifty, too. ¬†I can’t believe I really just used the word nifty… it was the first word that I strung together on the keyboard so I’m just gonna roll with it.


I am making a promise to you, and to myself to get MUCH further over the next week.  I will get a bed and light fixture picked out, and I will get the furniture painted. My handy little Critter Paint Sprayer is out of commission, but I ordered new parts that arrived last week, so I will get back on track.

I also promise to make the man of the house get the baseboard and potential crown molding up… add it to the honey-do list. ¬†I also am looking for some cool bold patterned curtains… and trying to decide if I want to go with a white bedspread or something a little more out of the box…

Until next time… happy renovating!

ORC Week 2: Something Old, Something New…


We all know how to finish this saying– “something borrowed, something blue.” ¬†Though this phrase could definitely refer to my upcoming wedding in just 3 and a half short months, this could also be the motto for my guest room makeover.

If you followed along with my post last week, you probably saw my “before” pictures of this room and threw up in your mouth a little bit. ¬†I know I did when I first laid eyes on this space. I think the only thing that possibly could have made that space feel more like 1967 was if it had been covered in tacky wallpaper. Although, that paint color was pretty bad. However, this little space has already come pretty far in the last week!

The carpeting was installed (something new) — our entire upstairs feels like a completely new house– it’s like walking on tiny clouds as opposed to the sandpaper we had grown used to for the last year since we moved in.

The guest room is now painted a dark blue (something blue) that leans slightly more toward the teal spectrum. ¬†I was kind of nervous about this color, but I think once we put the trim back up after painting it and the closet doors white and install the new white baseboards and potentially some crown molding, it’s going to look totally fab.



I also started looking at beds for this space. ¬†I can’t decide if I want a a metal [silver] bedframe, an upholstered headboard, or a daybed. Remember, aside from functioning as a guest room, I’m also going to be using this as my “getting ready” space. ¬†What are your thoughts on this? Check out my pinterest to see some of the bed ideas I’ve pinned as inspiration.

Additionally, I need to figure out what I’m going to replace the ugly white fan/light with. ¬†A cool chandelier, perhaps?

I went thrifting over the weekend and found a few items (something old) I plan to update and use in this space on the vanity, or night stand.

This cool little golf ball looking bowl I plan to spray paint and use as a planter for an orchid (though, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m good at neglecting things) –so we’ll see about that.


I’m going to paint these little trays and use them to keep jewelry/make-up on, or throw some candles on them for the night stand. I’m also going to paint these little vases and figure something out for them, too. I think my total expense for all of these items was like, $4. Can you even get a gallon of milk for $4 nowadays??



On a separate note, while I was at an antique store trying to thrift some items for this room, I also found this amazing white sleeveless dress with the most beautiful beading I’ve ever seen— it’s from the 1950’s and it’s a short style cocktail dress. ¬†It’s got a bow on the front, too. I LOVE bows. And beading. ¬†Total girly-girl right here. I scored it for $28 and it’s in great shape and fit like a glove. I plan on wearing it to my rehearsal dinner, but there are just one or two spots I need to try and have taken care of. ¬†But, I digress. (I may post a picture of it soon.)

Hopefully by next week I can have some of the furniture pieces finished (or even started…) for this space. ¬†Until then, it looks like everyone taking part of Calling It Home’s ORC is making great progress, so go check it out here!

Happy Renovating!



To Thine Ownself be Blue – One Room Challenge Week 1: Guest Bedroom Makeover

So, I’ve been a really terrible blogger the last 6 months. ¬†My poor little neglected blog. Blogs really are like babies… you have to love and nurture them in order for them to grow and become somewhat self-sustaining, but even then they still need love and attention. I am in the very infantile stages and failing very hard at that. ¬†T to the G I’m not a baby momma just yet. ¬†I have SO much to post, and yet, time always escapes me.


No excuse is a good excuse, though, and that’s why I was so excited to come across Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge¬†yesterday. It’s a six week challenge where you must complete a one room transformation. All of the featured bloggers participating in this challenge are awesome, and I’m hoping to garner some support for my transformation efforts and learn from some other bloggers and DIYers, too. I’m also hoping to improve my blogging skills, namely not killing it off with neglect so that my fiance is reassured of my childrearing abilities.

Long story short, we moved into a major fixer upper last April. ¬†Nearly our entire first floor is complete minus the powder room and entryway after major renovations. ¬†Next up is our second floor. ¬†I’ve got 3 spare bedrooms, a bathroom and a master bed and bath to tackle. We’ve been slacking when it comes to getting it done, and this challenge is the perfect motivation to kick it into gear. ¬†While the options were really endless in selecting what room I could do for this, I decided on one of our guest bedrooms for a few reasons.

1. You can’t rush perfection, and trying to complete a master bedroom in six weeks would definitely be rushing it. ¬†I mean, for Pete’s sake (who is Pete anyway?), I just told you I can’t even care for my poor little lonely blog, so taking on a room with the magnitude of a master is asking for trouble. ¬†Baby steps. (Side note: I work full time, and teach dance a couple of nights a week, so pretty much I will only be doing this on weekends.)

2. I’m going to be hosting some out of town guests in a couple of months, and while they may oblige my request that they fight for my couch with my 100 pound pet bear…I mean Akita… it would be much less dramatic if they had their own space to stay (you mean you don’t like waking up covered in dog hair and slobber?)

3. I’m also going to utilize this space for getting ready– I currently¬†do my make-up and hair in bed, with a mirror the size of my thumb. ¬†No wonder half the time I look like the love child of Medusa and an 80s prom queen. ¬†Just kidding… I hope.

Here is what I’m workin’ with…



Conveniently, we just had all brand new carpeting installed upstairs yesterday–stellar timing, I’d say. ¬†I’m doing the room navy blue, and plan on accenting with white, gold or silver, and then a pop of teal or coral. You can check out my pinterest to see my inspiration pins.

Additionally, I’ve scavenged some pieces for this room via Craigslist– an old antique mirror that I’ll be redoing, as well as an old french provincial desk for the vanity, and nightstand. I’ll purchase a new bed (baller on a budget, y’all) and try to thrift the rest of the room decor.




I’ve got this handy little Critter Spray Painter that is my best friend when it comes to projects like these.

This is either going to turn out really awesome and I’m going to have to permanently move into this bedroom FOR-EV-ER¬†(in my Sandlot voice) OR I’ll still look like that lovechild. ¬†I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!